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Beauty for thought
Black Monday Vendor and Spa Expo
Beauty for thought
Get ready for girls night out!
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beauty secrets

Beauty for thought

Beauty for thought

Beauty tip: Silver Nails - http://bit.ly/sdvBJF
Daily Beauty Tip - InStyle celebrityphotos.instyle.comDaily Beauty Tip at InStyle.com: See the latest trends in Hollywood hair and makeup and find out how to get the looks yourself.

Make your lipstick stay

Put on a layer , blot with tissue , put on another layer , blot again. Finally place tissue over lips , and powder........... Beauty for thought

Cotton Swab

Use a cotton swab to dip in makeup remover to erase goofs.

used coffee ground

Using used coffee grounds can be used as a depuffing mask!


Wakeup with a zit did you know applying ice will nix swelling?
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